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SOLUTIONS is an integrated set of software products designed to help you increase the overall profitability of your company through superior information management.  SOLUTIONS will help you achieve this goal by its completeness and ease of use in the task it is made for - performing business activities accurately and efficiently.


SOLUTIONS includes:



Order Processing


Billing and Reporting


Purchase Order Tracking 


Sales Analysis  


Accounts Receivable


Inventory Management


Accounts Payable


General Ledger




Special Features:


Automatic Pricing

Standard Pricing as well as Contract Pricing (per item per customer), Quantity Pricing, Category Pricing and Pricing overrides. 

Customer Sales History

Inquiry available at Order Entry and Invoicing time.

Accounts Receivable

Checked at Order Entry time automatically.  Allows detail inquiry at Order Entry or Invoicing including History of Paid Items.


While entering an Order or creating an invoice Inventory can be searched by Item Number, Product Group or Description. Automatic availability checking and access to expected Receiving dates.

Orders, Invoicing

Conventional Entry as well as Counter Entry. Ability to take deposits and keep track of open orders. 



In addition, there are features to assist you in the daily operation of the package such as:


Custom Reports:

With a query program such as SOLUTIONS “Access”you may access the data files of any of the software modules to easily design custom-tailored inquiries and reports. This feature will become even more valuable as you become more familiar with the system and recognize the information available to you and how to use it.


A Multi-User, Multi-Tasking system:  

SOLUTIONS is a true multi-user, multi tasking business and accounting system.  This means that the number of operators accessing your company’s data is limited only by your hardware configuration.  True record and file locking prevent any contamination of your vital financial data even with many different operators accessing the same files.  Multi-tasking means that your computer can do print jobs, computations, and allow multi-operator data input, all at the same time, with no significant loss of performance.




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