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Retail Point-of-Sale

IBM AS/400


The Advanced 2000 from Innovative offers today's retailer the ultimate in POS software and systems. Utilizing the IBM® AS/400® - the top of the line - the Advanced 2000 performs dozens of tasks quickly and efficiently. The systems may be easily customized to your specifications by our expert Systems Analysts and Programmers.


The Advanced 2000 transforms each cash register into a multi-function management tool. Layaways, gift certificates, sales discounts, even integrated accounting and inventory control may be performed at the register, at the touch of a button.

So, whether you have one location or dozens of locations throughout the world, the Advanced 2000 will meet all your present and future needs.

We are uniquely positioned to design a customized POS system that will enhance your business operations for years to come. Our 20 year retail background includes applications in such key industries as:



Home Furnishings

Marine Supplies

Specialty/General Merchandise

Pet Supplies



Fast Food Restaurants


Auto Supplies

As an IBM Business Partner, our systems feature advanced IBM AS/400® Technology, which received the prestigious Malcolm Baldridge award for customer satisfaction. The Advanced AS/400 is virus proof, requires no network management and offers advanced polling communications to provide data compression, downloading, batch processing and interactive processing of data. 



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